Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Canyon de Chelly National Monument, AZ

Located at the heart of the Colorado Plateau in the northeastern region of Arizona, the magnificent Canyon De Chelly National Monument Park is one of the popular natural wonders in the US. The Canyon once served as home to the tribal groups for over 5000 years ago. It amazing walls have survived several horrid occurrences of the past. Today, the Canyon still remains a dwelling place for the Navajo Nation, who primary occupation is farming and raising livestock. The park area is managed by the Navajo Nation and the National Park Service. The Canyon De Chelly exudes charming beauty and great serenity at its best.

Canyon de Chelly Tours

The park is close to Chinle, a small town with a hardware store, exotic restaurants, motels, laudromats, a grocery store and several gift shops. So if you are planning on picnicking at the Canyon De Chelly National Monument Park, Chinle is the perfect place to replenish your supplies for that. One of the best things about Canyon de Chelly is that access to the park is free. Taking a scenic drive is an amazing activity to do while in Canyon de Chelly National Monument Park. Drive along two paved rim roads, the North Rim Drive and the South Rim Drive, provide stunning views of this spectacular area. Each paved rim roads offers unique experiences. To cover all overlooks and drives, you will need to spend at least 12 hours but get ready for an overwhelming experience.

Also, hiking enthusiasts will find Canyon de Chelly National Monument Park interesting. Take a challenging hike on the public trail situated at the White House Overlook. The trail takes you to the White House Ruin. Getting to and back from the trail need about 2 hours. Other great tours around Canyon de Chelly include horseback riding, hiking and driving.