Monument Valley, AZ

Monument Valley, AZ

Monument Valley is a top tourist destination that exudes the charms and personality of the American Southwest. Nestled on the border between Arizona and Utah, Monument Valley is officially proclaimed as a Navajo Tribal Park. Encompassing over 15 million acres of land area, this beautiful destination boasts beautiful rich red-hued and sandy landscape. Little wonder why the Monument Valley is renowned for being one of America’s most photographed landmarks.

Monument Valley Tours

Dramatic terrain which comprises of mesas, the valley floor and lovely sandstone towers are a beauty to behold. Yes, you might have seen the Monument Valley on postcards or in one of Hollywood’s iconic western movies. This is because Monument Valley’s beautiful landscape is considered a great backdrop for several Hollywood western movies including John Wayne. Here you will find the Navajo Nation, one of the largest Native American tribes in the US. For a chance to get up-close and personal with some of the tribes people, take a stroll along the roadside where you will find some of them selling amazing traditional handcrafts, great tasting local food amongst others.

Upon visiting the Monument Valley, check out the Visitor Center, where you can catch spectacular views of two prominent landmarks namely The Mitten Buttes and Merrick Butte. Here you will find a local restaurant offering mouthwatering dishes and stores selling souvenirs and other gift items. For a chance to learn more about Monument Valley, visit the Goulding Film and Cultural History Museum. The museum displays several interesting educational resource, making it a great spot worth exploring for everyone including young and old.

Visiting Monument Valley is like exploring a world devoid of skyscrapers and modern infrastructures. Experience the serene atmosphere at Monument Valley. This beautiful attraction can be visited anytime of the year. A trip to Monument Valley brings unforgettable experiences for visitors.