Zion National Park, UT

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a part of the Southwest's "Grand Circle" of national parks, parks, recreational and historical places. This Grand Circle is situated on the Colorado Plateau, so-named since it's a big uplifted region of property in the Four Corners region of the Southwest whereby the Colorado River flows. The Colorado Plateau includes among the world's greatest concentrations of natural and cultural attributes, due mostly to its geology, shown from the Colorado and other rivers.

Mormons began farming and settling the Virgin River area in 1847. Their hunt for farmland directed them to Zion Canyon at 1858, roughly 75 miles up the Virgin River from the confluence of the Colorado and Virgin Rivers, under the Grand Canyon.
Following his hard passing through the Grand Canyon in 1869, Major John Wesley Powell was motivated to finish the job of studying the entire Colorado River area. On the subsequent two years, these scientists pieced together an image of time and the property on a giant scale. They found how, through periods of geologic history, the Colorado Plateau was uplifted while river systems steadily cut down by several layers of sedimentary stone.

Powell and Gilbert created a geological reconnaissance of Zion Canyon in 1872 and called several capabilities. It had been their glorious reports, combined with Hillers' photos and Holmes' drawings, that first established fascination with Zion nationwide. Back in 1903, artist Frederick S. Dellenbaugh painted scenes from the canyon and also exhibited his job in the St. Louis World's Fair. This public focus contributed to President Theodore Roosevelt proclaiming the region a national monument in 1909 (known as Mukuntuweap in the time).

The Zion-Mt. Carmel street (Utah 9), an engineering marvel of its time, has been started in 1930 to give accessibility to Zion. In the park's west entrance, the street results in the renowned Pine Creek Tunnel, that's over a mile long and contains six large windows cut into the stone for viewpoints. In the tube, switchbacks go down to the scenic drive on the ground of Zion Canyon.