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Arizona Luxury Expeditions - Guided Camping Service

Conceived in 2009, Arizona Luxury Expeditions was created as a way of offering visitors to Arizona an innovative alternative to the conventional vacation. Our company was designed to introduce a new and personal way to discover Arizona by providing multi-day trips, combined with luxurious overnight camping acompanied with local professional guides. The days will be filled with a variety of fun activities, including guided hiking excursions, ranger talks, along with plenty of free time to enjoy these destinations at your own pace. Thus, allowing our guests to connect with some of the most awe inspiring landscapes on earth.

Traditionally, the average day trip with a tour company from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, or Sedona allows for only a few hours to visit these stunning areas due to the vast distances traveled and limited time constraints. Having worked for tour companies that provided such trips for many years, we set out to design a better way to travel, drawing on inspiration from the traditional European African Safari adventures. Reviving this classic type of vacation, visitors can take their time to relax, while enjoying the many incredible destinations of Arizona.

In a one of a kind experience, explore Arizona at a pace designed just for you. From the assembly of the luxurious campsite, to the cooking of delicious meals, all the chores of camping are done by A.L.E.’s dedicated staff. Our deluxe camping trips are designed to allow our guests to slow down, rejuvenate, and connect with nature. Our guests will fully enjoy their vacation, much more than staying in a hotel room, or from the inside a tour van.

Arizona Luxury Expeditions is dedicated to the adventurous visitor to Arizona that desires something beyond the normal sightseeing vacation, and would like to progress from just visiting to actually experiencing. Living the experience as it unfolds, creating memories that last forever.





Don Stevens, Founder & President

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