Grand Canyon Glamping Tour

Helping you Plan the Perfect Grand Canyon Vacation

“Glamping” is the term used to combine Glamorous and Camping, which is exactly what you will experience after a full day of exploring the Grand Canyon with your personal guide, allowing you plenty of time to fully explore the hidden and lesser visited areas of the Grand Canyon at your own pace.

The uniqueness of touring with Arizona Luxury Expeditions is that it’s “your tour,” so you can decide how much time that you would like to spend at each location and destination that we visit.

With Arizona Luxury Expeditions, we do not have any set schedules or time constraints because it’s “your own private tour”.

Glamping in our Expedition Tents just outside of the expansive Kaibab National Forest, you will enjoy solitude and serenity located near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Upon arrival to the Grand Canyon you will have the whole afternoon and evening to explore and hike with a professional guide to some of the lesser known areas of the Canyon. This not your regular sight-seeing agenda, as we bypass the crowds and lead you into areas to have your own unique and personal experience, at one of the worlds most spectacular Natural Wonders. This is luxury camping at its finest.

All of our guides have a passion for the geology, plants, animals, and history of the Canyon, and love to share their knowledge with our guests. After spending the extra time with us, you will leave with a true appreciation of just how special and extraordinary the Grand Canyon is.

We can also integrate optional activities into your tour, such as mule and bike rides along the rim, as well as helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon!

Enjoy Your Grand Canyon Tour in Style

After a full day of exploring the Canyon we will arrive at your camp to a welcoming campfire as your Luxury Expedition Tent is prepared and outfitted with comfortable seating, dresser, side tables, charging station, with elevated mattresses dressed with warm flannel sheets, thick comforters, and wool Pendleton blankets. Also for the cooler nights, we equip each tent with it's own portable heater.

As you relax by the roaring campfire recounting the amazing events and sights of the day, your dinner will be prepared and then served in your own private (and heated if needed), dining tent. After your meal (of filet mignon, pan fried trout or barbecued chicken and ribs with all the fixins - you decide) you can return back to the coziness of the fire to enjoy some Dutch Oven apple crisp and s'mores as you enjoy the brilliant stars in the incredible Canyons night sky before turning in for the evening.

So don’t just see the Grand Canyon, ”Experience It” while Glamping near the Grand Canyon National Park. Enjoy the ease and comfort of touring with Arizona Luxury Expeditions, spending the extra time creating unforgettable memories of one of the Jewels of the National Park System and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world.

We offer one or more nights for your unique Grand Canyon experience and the memories you want to create. It's your choice!

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