Natural Wonders and Monuments

We specialize in creating custom tour packages to meet the particular interests of our individual guests.

For those that want a recommendation, we have the following itinerary that is very popular!

natural-wonders5 Day 4 Night Package

This tour utilizes the South Rim of the Grand Canyon as our base camp, in which you will have 2 full Days and Nights to explore the wonders and beauty that makes this site a must see, and is on almost everyone's bucket list.

You will begin by enjoying the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, as you will be constantly mesmerized by its never ending moods. We will spend your time exploring the canyons inner trails, along with its many vistas, revealing the canyons history as well as culture past and present.

az-camping-guidesOur base camp on the South Rim will be shared by the elk, and mule deer that frequently pass through our campsite. Choose from other activities available such as visiting the Hopi House with its wonderful choices of art and Native crafts to commemorate your trip, stop into the famous Kolb Brothers photography studio, or just relax on a swing of the historic El Tovar Hotel with a beverage and enjoy the magnificent views of the Grand Canyon.

You will have plenty of time to enjoy yourself at the Grand Canyon without any time constraints, or while being on someone else's tour agenda. Allow us to assist in the planning of your daily activities, including guided hikes into the canyons inner trails.

We can also suggest vistas and points of interest to visit, giving you the freedom to plan your own special excursions if you so wish. A free shuttle service to all the overlooks and visitors centers are available all day and evening, and are conveniently located near the campsite. Our helpful guides are always available to assist in any way so that you are assured of having the most authentic experience and fun filled vacation possible. We pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know you and your families interests so that we can customize excursions and suggest activities to maximize your experience with all the places we visit.

Day 3 - We will leave camp in the morning after a hearty breakfast to explore outside the Grand Canyon as we spend the day on the Navajo Nation, the largest Native American reservation in the United States.

A stop by the Cameron Trading Post on the way to see and shop for some authentic Native American crafts is highly recommended.

The Navajo’s are well known for their spectacular silver and turquoise jewelry, as well as handmade woven wool rugs, along with the intricately hand carved Kachina dolls from the Hopi’s. From Cameron you will travel deeper into this awe inspiring land with its seemingly never ending vistas into Monument Valley.


These landscapes have been the inspiration for many numerous Hollywood movies from the John Wayne westerns, to the more contemporary Forest Gump, and the modern day Cars, and Transformers.

guided-camping-in-arizonaDay 3 and 4 - will be a change of scenery as well as campsites as we relocate to the floor of Monument Valley for 2 full nights. Some of the benefits of traveling with Arizona Luxury Expeditions are the unique relationships that we have forged throughout our years of exploring Arizona while getting to know the people that call these beautiful places home.  We have spent many years building relationships with the few Navajo’s that have called Monument Valley home for many generations, and we are very fortunate to have these families allow us to set up our camps on their sacred land.

We have developed many opportunities that are unique to us and that no other travel company offers. One such opportunity for adventurist guests is that we can arrange an overnight stay in the traditional Navajo family home called a Hogan. Built by family members, the Hogans are 9 sided structures that appear to look circular and are entirely built from juniper logs, including their rounded roof. The design of the Hogan is symbolic of the sun, and its only door faces the east so that the early morning rays of the sunrise are always the first thing that a Navajo family will see as they greet the morning and worship the blessing of a new day. Father sun is one of the most revered of the Navajo’s deities.

arizona-glamping-toursHogans are incredibly beautiful structures that have been the traditional home of the Navajo’s for over 500 years. We furnish your Hogan with all the necessary comforts as you stay in what the Navajo’s consider a gift from the Gods, and refer to Hogans as “occupying a place in the sacred world”. We consider the invitation to stay in a traditional Hogan an incredible honor. With our camp located on the floor of Monument Valley in such a enchanted place, this is a truly is a magical experience. In Monument Valley deep in Navajo Nation you will witness one of the most incredible starlight shows at night, and awaken to one of the worlds most spectacular places on earth for a inspirational sunrise, all the while staying in one of the most sacred dwellings of the Southwestern Native Americans. A once in a lifetime experience that is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Once in Monument Valley a private tour with a Navajo guide can be arranged to expose you to some of the more secluded areas of Monument Valley typically accessible to the local tribe members exclusively. Be amazed as your guide shares the history about these remote areas seen only by a few non-native visitors. With the Navajo guides travel deeper into the recesses of Monument Valley with a jeep tour and as additional option perhaps go on a horseback ride, or explore around camp with some easy hikes to the mesas and formations that have been made famous by Hollywood and classic western photographs.

You will see evidence of the Anasazi Indian tribes, the earlier inhabitants who lived and farmed in this beautiful area long before the Navajos. You will be amazed at the haunting ancient wall art as your guide interprets the ancestral culture, along with the opportunity to view their sheltered dwellings. You will be emerged into the past as you see how these early people lived and thrived in this scared land.

You can also travel along the 17 mile Valley Drive, that serpentines thru the valley floor.   Frequent stops can be made at the many overlooks as you get to know her mesas and monoliths by name as the the history and legends of this incredible landscape reveals itself to you. All of this with a deeper appreciation of the Native Americans past and present that inhabit this awe inspiring land.

In the evening we will all meet back at your own private Hogan for freshly prepared dinner served by the open fire as we watch the sun slowly descend behind formations famously known as the Mittens, Three Sisters, and Thunderbird Mesa, names that you will have come to know by heart with their stunning views in this beautiful valley.

You will soon find that the stresses and cares of your busy lives have fallen away as you have gently descended into the slow pace and uncluttered lifestyle of the Navajos in this tranquil and spiritual place. Relax and enjoy your meal as you reflect on all of the wonderful sites and activities that you and your family have experienced over the past few days.

As you awake on the last morning of the tour you will be aroused by the smell of fresh hot coffee brewing, along with the sweet aroma of cinnamon rolls slowly rising in a dutch oven. As always you will have a variety of other hearty breakfast food choices to fill your appetite. Afterwards we will bid you "Hagoonea" - Navajo word for "until we meet again”!


( Available from late May to early September )

Day 5 -  Awaken to the sun slowly rising over the majestic mesas and monoliths that surround us in the valley. After a hearty breakfast we can journey on to Navajo National Monument to explore an ancient Anasazi ruin called Betatakin.

arizona-tour-guidesThe Ancestral Puebloans built these cliff dwellings that were inhabited from AD 1250 to 1300, one of the few early dwellings that are accessible to explore from the inside. A 5 mile round trip guided hike down to the site will be offered in the morning by the Navajos who are the present custodians of this ancient site. The hike descends approximately 700 ft. and is considered moderate. A wide variety of ages have completed this hike with us, from 7 to to 75. The hike down to the ruins is with a Navajo ranger, the pace is slow and comfortable for all trekking levels. As you explore the dwellings the Navajo guide will talk about the buildings, culture, and lifestyle, as well as explain the meaning of the many well preserved pictographs, and petroglyphs throughout the site.

You will be able to see inside the dwellings as you marvel at the wood roof beams, masonry walls, the hand and foot holds that are meticulously carved into the sheer walls. Be amazed at the exquisite details of the rock art that still identifies the various clans of the people that inhabited this valley today as they did 700 to 800 years ago. The hike back out is at your own pace as you take in the majestic vistas and scenery that this spectacular valley holds. For those who do not wish to make the hike down to Betatakin there is a short paved trail that overlooks the dwellings located on the opposite side of the canyon which is easily accessible from the visitors center.

At the end of  the day following this incredible experience we return to Monument Valley and the unique accommodations of your personal Hogan.

arizona-camping-tour-guidesDay 6 - After breakfast you can enjoy the breath taking views surrounding you as we prepare to finally “mosey on back” to civilization in the late morning.

From the lush furnished comforts of your tents and Hogans, to the incredible delicious meals prepared and enjoyed in some most picturesque places in the world, all of us at A.L.E. want to make sure that everyone has a truly unique and one of a kind experience, as well as exceeding your expectations and thoughts of what wilderness camping can be.



So step out of the ordinary and don’t be a spectator on your own vacation, come join us and discover a better way to explore, experience, and connect with new destinations like never before. We all look forward to seeing you real soon in beautiful Arizona.

Recommended Optional Add-Ons

We would like to take this opportunity to recommend some optional tours which have been popular with our guests to enhance their experience while visiting these amazing areas.

Reservations should be secured with A.L.E. a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the start of your tour date due to the popularity of these activities. All tours are based on availability from the individual companies. The current pricing is listed for each activity but is subject to change.

Optional Tours:

Bicycle Rental-1/2 day South Rim Grand Canyon

  • (up to 5hrs)- (This is a self -guided tour)
  • $30 adults - bicycle size 26” ** tax and fees not included
  • $20 children - based on the rental of a bicycle size 20”or 24” **tax and fees not included
  • Hourly rates available

Available Options are Guided Bike Tours and a ShuttleTour (self guided) to Hopi Point along the Hermit Road with a 2 hour/5.5 mile smooth paved ride to Hermits Rest. These are available for an additional cost.


The company uses a cruiser-style bike that provides all riders, both young and old with an enjoyable safe experience. The south rim of the Grand Canyon boasts miles of beautiful low traffic paved and gorgeous bicycle greenways. There are several bikes routes available depending on the riders ability.

Mule Rim Trail Ride on South Rim Grand Canyon $142.83 per person

**The rider must be at least 9 years old and height of 4’9”. The maximum weight per rider is 225 lbs fully dressed. All Riders must speak fluent English and NOT be afraid of heights.


The Grand Canyon mule-riders are able to take in the breathtaking vistas of the Grand Canyon National Park while traveling along the rim of the canyon. Grand Canyon National Park Lodges is offering a four-mile, three-hour mule activity (two-hours in the saddle) that departs five miles east of the Historic Grand Canyon Village in the park. The mule ride travels along a new East Rim Trail built by the National Park Service. Wranglers will stop six times along the trail to provide interpretive information about the geologic formations, human history, ecology and more.

Grand Canyon Helicopter tour - Canyon Spirit - $299 per person


This a 40-50 minutes tour leaving from the South Rim that will not disappoint leaving you with memories of a lifetime.
For details please visit the company website

Maximum weight for a rider is 300 lbs
A valid government issued ID must be presented at time of check-in for all adults 18 yrs or older.
Cancellation policy - 48 hours notice is required for changes or cancellation to receive full refund. Less than 48 hour forfeits the full tour cost.

Day Tour to Page, Arizona

Note - There is a 4.5 hour round trip travel time to Page, Arizona where the Antelope Canyon and The Glen Canyon Rafting tours commence. Both tours must be reserved to allow for the full day experience by our guests. A visit to Horseshoe Bend is available when requested. Dinner is included at the Cameron Trading Post before returning to the campsite.

Lower Antelope Canyon

  • $50 For age 13 y/o and older
  • $29 For ages 8 -12 y/o
  • Free for 7 y/o and under
  • Pregnant women are not allowed


The Navajo name for Lower Antelope Canyon is Hasdeztwazi or “Spiral Rock Arches.” Many years ago, herds of Pronghorn Antelope roamed freely in and around the canyon, which explains the English name. This incredible canyon has been created over millions of years by the relentless forces of water and wind, slowly carving and sculpting the sandstone into forms, textures, and shapes which we observe today. Views in Lower Antelope Canyon change constantly as the sun moves across the sky, filtering lights softly across the stone walls. These ever-moving sun angles bounce light back and forth across the narrow canyon’s walls, creating a dazzling display of color, light, and shadow.

Smooth Water Rafting -Glen Canyon 1/2 day Float Tour

  • $105.42 per adult from age 16 years and older ($93.42with an additional $12 for park entrance fee)
  • $82.42 per child age 4-15 years old
  • (Children under 4 y/o not allowed to participate)


See and experience all 15 miles on this float trip in just a half day! It’s a must-see addition to your exploration of the American southwest. It starts with a two-mile tunnel drive (and dinosaur tracks!) before you board your river craft. It continues to Petroglyph Beach and its fascinating artifacts. You’ll look up in awe at the soaring cliffs above Horseshoe Bend as you learn the stories of the ancestral Puebloan people who lived here. Afterward, you’ll enjoy a stunning motor-coach ride back from Lees Ferry to Page, passing Vermillion Cliffs, beautiful orchards, and historic structures along the way.

Horseshoe Bend National Monument


This is included in your trip to Page with the booking of the Lower Antelope Canyon tour and the Smooth Water Rafting trip.

Monument Valley Private Jeep Tours and Horseback Rides

  • Ride through the back country in the Navajo Tribal Park
  • Tours are available upon request with pricing to be determined at the time of booking.


Arizona Luxury Expeditions pledges to make every attempt through our personalized relationships with the above tour companies to accommodate all of our guests with these add-on tour options.

Explore the interactive map for location details!