Navajo National Monument, AZ

Navajo National Monument, AZ

History enthusiast and culture lovers will find the Navajo National Monument interesting. Here you will find ruins of cliff villages deserted by primeval Pueblo Indians which dates back to 1300. The Navajo calls the ancestral pueblo group as “Anasazi”. The reservation site within the Navajo Nation once served as home to the Hopi, the progenies of the Hisatsinom. This place is about 50 miles south of the Navajo Monument. Some of the most popular ruins within this spectacular monument are the Keet Steel and Betatakin. These ruins are open for easy access to the public. These ruins can be easily reached by taking a road trip through the land of Navajo Nation. However, visitors will need a permit before exploring the site. Also, the need for a tour guide is of great necessity. This offers you the chance to enjoy all that the Navajo National Monument has to offer.

Navajo National Monument Tours

Take a tour of the Betatakin and enjoy breathtaking views. Betatakin is arranged and contained by an amazing sandstone arc. During summer, the ruins provide the perfect sun shade and much needed sunshine during winter.

Nestled on the Shonto Plateau in the Navajo Nation, the Navajo National Monument is bordered to the north by Arizona and on the south western region is Kayenta.

The monument is located at a dry and hot region but stands at an altitude of 7300 ft. During summer, the nights are chilly while winters are so icy with regular snow falls. The Navajo National Monument is a great place to enjoy spectacular hiking activities. Experience the best of Navajo National Monument with the help of tour guide. From the heritage of the Navajo people to the colorful scenery, the Navajo National Monument offers a captivating experience. This place is certainly a must visit.