Professional Guiding Services

Arizona Luxury Expeditions is dedicated to providing our guests with the best possible vacation experience to all of the incredible areas of Arizona and the Southwest. Our tour guides go way above just knowing the history, geology, flora and fauna, they also have a true passion for all of the incredible landscapes and areas in which we tour.

Our guides have hiked thousands of miles along the rims, as well as far below into the depths of the Canyons, while gaining an appreciation and respect for these special areas that goes far beyond just basic facts and information. We have the fortunate opportunity to share this knowledge with others, and want this passion to be contagious with our guest, so they too will have a true appreciation of the uniqueness, complexity, and incredible beauty that these very special landscapes hold.

ALE is now offering our Guiding Services to guests that do not have the time to experience our full Glamping operations, but still want to explore, and also have a personal connection with these natural wonders, with the in depth knowledge and understanding that only true passion can convey.

So if you would like to have a personal and intimate connection with these spectacular landscapes, then come join us with your ALE private guide for a unique perspective that will uncover the secrets, while addressing all of your questions, as you will walk away with an understanding, and appreciation of some of the most incredible and iconic landscapes on earth.

Guiding Services - Arizona Luxury Expeditions

Some Popular Guided Tour Destinations

Let our guides show you the hidden secrets to some of the most beautiful areas on Earth.

Below are some of the most popular locations in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, but we aren't limited to these choices.

We can accommodate any size group with any request. Contact us for details.